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Top-Grade Shotguns

There are many reasons one might want to own a shotgun or rifle. You can use a rifle for hunting, spot shooting, and personal protection. At Gun Gallery Inc, you'll be greeted by educated gun specialists who have several years of firearm experience. Let us help you get the right shotgun, rifle, or assault weapon.

Shotguns From Various Name Brands

  • Benelli
  • Franchi
  • Mossberg
  • Remington
  • Beretta
We have 20 gauge, 12 gauge, and 410 gauge shotguns at our store. Visit us at 1121 S. Central Ave. to check out our collection.

A Wide Range of Rifle Calibers

  • .22
  • .223
  • .270
  • .308
  • 30 ot 6
  • .7mm
  • .300
You can choose the perfect rifle from popular brands such as Remington, Tikka, Savage, and Marlin.

Law Enforcement and Tactical Guns

We specialize in selling directly to the law enforcement agencies. So, you will find a large selection of assault weapons that the other gun dealers won't and can't carry. We are a fully certified class-3 gun dealer, and we carry the California legal AR-15.

A Variety of High Power Weapons

  • .556 mm
  • 6.8
  • .30 ACC Black Out
  • .308
For more details about our shotguns, 
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